My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Title: Beautiful Ruins
Author: Jess Walker
Genre: Fiction
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Exciting, Hilarious, Artistic and Enduring
Pasquale is a young man of dreams. He dreams of a beachfront for his island
of rocks, American tourists, and a grand hotel; instead of his humble hotel to
make him a success. One day an American actress does grace his hotel but he
wonders if it is an accident. Then he finds himself drawn to her and her plight.

Diagnosed with stomach cancer Dee Moray is sent to a pitiful island of
rocks to wait for the man she loves to take her to Switzerland for cancer
treatment. The reality is she is pregnant with Richard Burton's baby and took
off the set of Cleopatra to have an abortion; curtesy of Michael Deane the
publicity agent over the film. His interest is purely mercenary as he wants to
keep the outrageous romance between Burton and Taylor going with no wrinkles.
This woman Dee could disrupt a film that has already went way over budget.
Burton isn't told about it until Pasquale goes to find Deane and confronts
him for his mistreatment of Dee. Then we have a hilarious intervention by Burton
and Pasquale.
Dee escapes without anyone knowing where and continues her life in
Washington far away from Hollywood. She has her baby; names him Pat, and he
grows up to look and act like Burton.
We have several story lines here. Claire the Hollywood producer Deane's
assistant. The author Mr. Bender,that stays at Pasquale's hotel too and Amedea,
Pasquale's sweetheart. Dee's troubles raising Pat and etc. It switches back and
forth between the 60's and present day too.
It could be very confusing but to me it was delightful, exciting, hilarious,
and enduring. This story teaches a great deal about life and mistakes and
righting wrongs. I loved it and gave it Five Stars. Great originality, beautiful
descriptions, wonderful characters and great storyline. Excellent story Jess

Linda Hays-Gibbs

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Title: Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
Author: Stephanie Laurens
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Title: Intense Poetic Erotic Romance

Lady Heather Cynster decided to seek her hero in unlikely places. The man she always wanted happened to be there but he was also a friend to her brothers and sent her home from the sinful place she selected to find this mysterious hero of hers. She is ushered ungraciously and quite literally pushed from Wadham Gardens at Lady Herford's infamous salon. The man, Viscount Breckenridge makes her day a misery and has always afflicted her that way. She fell in love with him over four years ago but he thinks she's a baby. She was ushered out to get into her carriage when a strange carriage pulls up and two gentlemen grab her and put her into their carriage. Breckemridge sees this horrible event and takes chase to rescue her.
They find themselves on the road to Scotland and no clue as to why. The fellows that captured Heather are not really bad fellows but could pass for nice gents though Heather is still taken against her will and told little about why. They, Fletcher and Cobbins even hire her a maid, Martha to accompany her. These strange characters add depth to the story and the suspense builds.
Later Heather finds out that they are only abducting her for another mysterious man named McKinsey but they know it is not his real name. The mystery deepens when they don't stop in London but travel on North.
Heather is followed at a distance by Breckenridge her only hope. She finds that his help assures her and gives her courage to endure her captivity. He is only anxious to return her to her family as soon as possible but finds they are headed to Scotland. The mystery is heightened when Heather learns they did not want just her but any Cynster miss would do the Laird McKinsey. Heather decides she can't escape with Breckenridge right away but must find out all she can for the safety of her siblings and her family.
The tension between Heather and Breckenridge builds on this long journey and their relationship ships and forms into something that they can no longer ignore. It is a sizzle that sets them on fire.
They is an engrossing tale that only builds and builds. You are breathless with anticipation and wonder at how Miss Laurens can keep you in such a state. She gives a very tempting and exciting plot with unusual circumstances that can only keep you highly entertained and breathless.
I gave this great adventure Five Stars and can't wait for her next wonder. The suspense and drama along with an electric love story of epic proportions was the best for me. She never disappoints me.
Linda Hays-Gibbs