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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bound By Lies
 Book Reviewed by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
[ Review Posted: May 21, 2013 ] - See all my reviews
BOUND BY LIES is scorching hot and interesting.

Aileen, a Fomorian, is in lust with Ioducus, king of the river pixies, but they parted years ago. She has made a prosperous life for herself since he last saw her. She has worked hard and made her land the envy of all.

Ioducus comes to visit after haunting dreams that keep him sleepless and frustrated. When he sees Aileen's son, he is struck by the likeness of the boy to himself. He suspects something is not right.

Aileen is afraid of the womanizing pixie king, because she thinks he only wants to steal her son. Years ago, she has betrayed her people and the pixie king, and she was told they were horrible and cruel to people who betrayed them. Even as her fears escalate, so does her lust for Ioducus.

Aileen is stubborn and proud and determined to not let her body rule her with its lust for the king. While Ioducus is charming, witty and lustful. His personality is like that of an arrogant aristocrat used to getting his way and will not be deceived. He is determined to seek revenge on this woman for her lies and for hiding his child from him. He is so arrogant but Aileen tortures him in his lust for her and brings him low.

There is a great deal of hot steamy sex and mind games in this story. It was very different kind of erotic romance set in a fae world.

I enjoyed the tale very much and give it five stars out of five for the creativeness and steamy characters. I look forward to more pixie tales.
Title:  Highlander Betrayed
Guardians of the Targe
Book 1
Author:  Laurin Wittig
Review Rating: Five Stars 
Reviewer:  Linda Hays-Gibbs
Genre: Historical Fictional Romance
Excitement in the Scottish Highlands
     Nicholas fitz  Hugh is an unlikely hero for he is King Edwards most trusted assassin and spy. He believes in no one but himself and certainly not in love. He is half Scot and the other half is an English Lord's illegitimate son.
      His father beat him and his mother could not stand to look at him for he looked like the man who raped her.  He was never loved, so he turns to spying for the king for money and power.
     He fought hard for his place by the king and  he thinks nothing of killing and stealing for his king. He is sent to steal the Highland Targe, which he believes has no power. He thinks it is just a myth made up by superstitious barbarians. His friend and fellow assassin Archie is to help him gain this relic for his king. He leaves determined to do as his king bids him. He is to meet Archie, another spy there. He travels to Dunlairig castle in the Scottish Highlands where he heard the McAlpins have this relic.
     Rowan McGregor is niece to Elspet McAlpine and cousin to Scotia and Jeanette. She was raised with her cousins after her parents were both killed. Elspet and her husband Kenneth treat her like their own daughters.  She was raised accepted and loved.
The eldest daughter Jeanette is supposed to be the new Guardian of the Targe after her mother dies but things don't always go as planned.
    Nicholas scouts the castle and sees a tryst by Scotia and a village lad. He watches as Rowan comes to fetch Scotia but Scotia slaps her and a rock slide almost kills them. Nicholas saves them. They do not trust strangers but Nicholas is determined to win them but still do what his king has commanded.
     It is a great love story and a take of betrayal and magic. It was a real page turner for me. I was lost in the Highlands of Scotland and didn't want to leave.
      I can't wait till I read the next book. I hope the vengeance King Edward seeks doesn't hurt theses lovely characters but I yearn to hear more from them.
      Rowan was so determined and loyal and innocent. As we're her cousins. Nicholas was a different kind of fellow with unbelief and greed in his heart until he sees Rowan.
     Even the minor characters in this book were very endearing. I loved Duncan and his practicality. I cared for Uilliam, his bushy eyebrows and his brute strength.  All the people of the Highlands were fiercely loyal and smart in this tale.
     It was a delight to read this exciting tale. I couldn't put it down. If you believe in the magic of Scotland, you must read this too.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Title: A Beautiful Liar Author: Leanna Harrow Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Genre: Erotica Contemporary/Heat level (HOT) Hot! Hot! Burning Up! Maggie West has an unhappy past with men. They abused, molested, raped, lied and deserted her. The thing she found the most offensive though was lying. She had decided to give up on men forever. However; she decided to try an online dating service. It could be safe and she knew all men were liars anyway. She responded to this handsome blonde and got a response. She knew he had to be a beautiful liar because all men were liars. His response was very interesting and he asked for a webcam but he couldn't show himself because his laptop was in the shop. She knew he was lying so she broke it off and swore to never speak to him again. Later, she felt guilty and decided that she was unfair and everyone deserves a second chance. She told him she was sorry but he had to never tell her another lie. He agreed and he wasn't a blonde but not a bad looking fellow. Things progressed and before she knew it they were having all kinds of steamy sex all the time online. She decided she was in love and had to meet him overseas and have some real time hands on physical steamy sex. Maggie tells her family she is going to have a vacation and leaves to continue her torrid affair. I will not tell you what happens but it is very different than you would expect. I suggest.. no...I totally recommend that you run don't walk to buy this book. It has some serious issues it addresses and some very hot steamy physical bits. I found myself laughing at the way the heroine laughs at herself and her own personality. It is a definite sexy jaunt. I gave it Five Stars out of Five. Just a word of warning to the readers. Turn the AC up and put the fan on you and get a large glass of ice tea before you settle down to read this book. Sincerely, Linda Hays-Gibbs Author and Reviewer with The Romance Reviews (TRR)Reviewer

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Title: Lady Parker's Grand Affair Author: Sandra Sookoo Review Rate: Four Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Lady Magaret Parker's niece, Amanda travels to have her come out in Surrey. She is accompanied by her sleeping nanny, Beatrice and Mister Stephen Tarkington to Maggie's estate. He came to court Amanda but she is spoiled and young so he is not happy with the prospect. Amanda told him her aunt was old and she would inherit her money. He wants someone to sponsor him in Parliament. He expects to meet an old woman so imagine his surprise when Maggie is the aunt. Maggie is beautiful and scandolous. He falls under Maggie's spell almost immediately. The niece is jealous of her aunt and very naughty to her aunt. Stephen starts the seduction almost within minutes of meeting Maggie. He finds in Maggie all he could hope for. He falls for her hard but will she love him? The characters are full bodied, Maggie is passionate, scandalous, stubborn and strong willed. Stephen is a rogue in every way and both are sure they will not fall in love. I was swept along with their grand affair and passions. It is a lively love story but starts off very carnal. I liked the story but it lacked a little more substance in the story. I would have liked to understand more of their motivations and know the people a little more intimately. I really don't think this is regency in the real sense of the word because the liberties were a little too coarse for this time period. I understand she gave a disclaimer but it did not prepare me for the difference I felt in the fabric of the story. However, it is a delightful romp into erotic romance. I give it Four stars out of Five and look forward to more of her works. Sincerely, Linda Hays-Gibbs
Title: Devil Black Author: Laura Strickland Review Rank: Five Star Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Isobel Maitland tries to save her sister, Catherine from a loveless marriage to Bertram MacNab by passing herself off as his betrothed so her sister can elope with her love, Thomas Hewitt. Their father being unmoved by their pleadings gave them no choice so they hatch this ruse. On the way to this loveless marriage Isobel is stolen away by Dougal MacRae, the Devil Black. Isobel is told what a horrible fate awaits her as MacNab's wife for he tortured and killed his first wife, Aisla to spite Dougal. Dougal's sister Meg tells Isobel what a heartless useless black coward her brother is for not rescuing his first love, Aisla from Bertram and Randal MacNab's murderous torture. She also warns Isobel not to fall under his spell. Dougal gives Isobel her choice him or MacNab. Isobel is very attracted to Dougal and chooses him over the two evils. Lachlan, Dougal's best friend is in love with Meg but she vows to never love any man. Meg spouts hatred all day long about her brother but Isobel is falling despite the dire warnings. Dougal tells Isobel that his sister is right about him and he can never love again. All out war is declared by the MacNab clan because of the promised bride disappearing. Dougal hates them and vows to fight for his new bride to his death. This story has so much happening in it that you will never set it down. It is a page turner. It kept me guessing and I was surprised and happy with this romantic tale from the Highlands. It was just delicious. The characters had complete personalities along with lots of neurosis and psychosis. I would know them if I met them on the street for they became that real to me. I gave this Five Stars out of Five but wish I could give more. I loved it. Linda Hays-Gibbs
Title: Rogue's Pawn Author: Jeffe Kennedy Review Rank: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Couldn't stop reading this! Dr Jenifer McGee is a scientist. She is having naked nightmares with a black dog chasing her. She doesn't believe in love or in her relationship with her present boyfriend Clive. She believes in empirical evidence no dreams or magic. One day logic deserts her. She leaves a party and just keeps on going. She finally stops at Devils Tower and decides to rest a day or two and later take a hike around it. On impulse she does a crazy thing like cutting her hand and hair and then to tie the bloody hair onto a tree. As if by magic, she tumbles into a new world where her name is Gwynn. Here in Fairy world her nightmare black dog lives and the man of her dreams. Rogue is a Fae and she is human. Her life was not very pleasant before with a condescending boyfriend Clive who 's ego does not recognize her for any thing. However; Rogue draws her to him through her world into his. He loves her but she won't admit she cares for him. He entices her with sex and power but shows her obedience and cruelty. She does not understand why. He needs her to be trained so she doesn't destroy his world with her magic because she is very powerful. He chases her through fae wars and adventures but she will have nothing to do with him. She becomes even more powerful and he loses power. It is a struggle between power and love and you will love it. I enjoyed all the characters and the jaunt into another world. It is a world of make believe as seen through this author's eyes. It is a different slice of passion with a very determined handsome rogue and a not to be intimidated heroine that will not cower or be defeated. Find out who wins and enjoy a spin into an alternate reality. I love the world of the fae and you will too. It is dark and enchanting. I gave this book Five Stars. It is an incredible journey. Thank you Jaffe Kennedy. Linda Hays-Gibbs