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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Jun 19, 12 · edit

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Read in August, 2011

Best hero and heroine ever. I have never been moved so much and enjoyed a novel more. I love you Johanna Lindsey, you are my hero. I was engrossed from the start. Anthony is the man every woman wants to marry or at least have in her bed just once. He was so charming and lovely as a rogue and rake and so enchanting as a husband. I loved it

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I loved the love story. Richard and Rose came to life for me. The only complaint was I did not like the pace though, that may just be me. It just seemed to take forever for things to happen. It was a charming story though, and I look forward to reading more of her books
Halo of the Damned...

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Mar 24, 12 · edit

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Read in March, 2012

I think this book is awesome. It holds my interests. It is about angels and some that I have never heard of before now. It is very interesting. The half angels are so interesting and she researched this information. I can't wait for her next book!

Linda Hays-Gibbs
My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

Sailing in my Sunshine
He Would Make Her Pay
Escape into Magic

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Jun 19, 12 · edit
The Ghost Hunter
by Lori Brighton

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Read in June, 2012

It was different and exciting. I loved the tatoos of angel's wings on thier backs as symbols of the fallen angels syndrome. I think the heroine,Ashley could have been a littler braver but she came back in the end. Cristian was a great hero, scrificing and loyal and so loving. I think it was a perfect love story and an enchanting tale.

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Oct 28, 12 · edit

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Read in October, 2012

Review of “Caged in Myth (The Bayou Zoo)
By J. T Fairfield
Lists for $1.99 on
This is the story or an orphan boy, Octavian Julius McKellter, or Jay, to his fellow orphans and friends. His life is hard for he works in a zoo cleaning cages and feeding animals but this is no ordinary zoo. This zoo in fact has many secrets. He is a keeper of secrets too. Not only must he keep the animals in the zoo caged but he has kept himself caged for his 17 yrs. Jay is not normal for he has many powers and capabilities that other teenage boys do not possess. He also has a secret that he tries to hide from even himself. Jay has found the object of his desires and this time it is not a girl. He finds it hard to keep the abnormal zoo animals caged and his new disturbing desires. He wants to ignore the significance of the fearsome animals that escape from the hidden zoo and his own coming of age fearsome desires but in the end neither can be. He must acknowledge the escaped zoo occupants from zoo five and his own feelings.
I found this author drawing me into the realm of teenage worries and fears. I felt for Jay and his friends. The character development was sincere and intriguing. I loved the way the author surprised you with the paranormal animals and boys. Jay’s friends each had their own way of handling their fears and their objectivity. It was an endearing and worthwhile jaunt into another world of supernatural teenagers and into the fears of normal teenagers and their emerging sexualities. It was well worth the read and I wanted more. I want to read the next installment.
I am an author for Eternal Press and a reviewer for The Romance Reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this author’s book and eagerly await the next release in this series.
I give “Caged in Myth” five stars. Great work.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
“Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul”
“My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls”

 This is a story I wrote about vampires versus werewolves in our stories, will this do for your storyline or do I need to do something else?  It was on a blog of my friends a few weeks back.

Vampires vs Werewolves

As Romance Writers

By Linda Hays-Gibbs


     Vampires are something we think of as sexual creatures.  Who doesn’t like their neck sucked on, just a little bit.  It seems that is much more erotic and enticing than having to wade through all that hair that can be on a dog, or a werewolf. Oh, I am not knocking a werewolf all that much just wondering how you can get excited about someone that can eat you whole, literally. 

      Vampires suck a little blood, maybe a little too much sometimes but if you are a beautiful lady you have the chance of becoming his all time favorite for all time. Of course, you could get a little sick of him after the first three or four hundred years.  I know I think a little variety is essential, but if he were devastatingly handsome, maybe the attachment would last longer. 

     You have the problem of him being cold though, as opposed to a nice warm hairy wolf to keep your bed warm, but think girls when you have to look at him.

Is he changing to his hairy form or is he a handsome toothy sort?  Even wolves have some toothy problems with which to contend.  There are few loves that don’t have problems but my vote is for the tall toothy guy with the cold hands.

    I get a little giggly just thinking about cold hands and long teeth.  You really have to be there, I guess.  Most girls want someone to stay in their beds to keep them warm but few get them to stay at all.   Werewolves hunt all night long.

A vampire has his hunt over with in a matter of minutes and comes right back to his ladylove, at least from what I’ve been told.    I could not possible be more inclined to a vampire.

     Just think of the stories of vampires as opposed to werewolves.  Vampires always have a love, some woman they want or maybe even two or three but he is a very sexual fellow.  Now, think about werewolves, they are supposed to mate for life as wolves but are any of the stories about his ladylove?  No, they are all about him.

     You also get the picture that making love to a vampire is the best sex ever.  Of course, I only have been told but it is supposed to be super duper.  I really think there is no comparison as writers we have to take the road of the vampire.  He is erotic, sexual, mysterious, and charming. He has super strength and he can shape shift, if necessary into bats and smoke etc.  He has a way to hypnotize women with his gaze.  Vampires can do without humans and go to the local blood bank or use animals in the forest.  They have metamorphic creature skills that we can give all kinds of endearing traits or make more horrific tales.  Sometimes, he is a count or we can make him an angel, or an advertising agent as in “Halo of the Damned” by Dina Rae, or a victim of another vampire that inspires our motherly instincts.  Well, maybe not our motherly instincts but we definitely want to smother him with kisses if he will just bite our necks and make passionate love to us.  Isn’t that true?

     In my book, “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls” I have him lost and alone but clinging to his lady.  Pru’s love is the only thing that matters to him all through my story.  He is smitten and can’t help himself.  That is a vampire’s fate.

     In other words, there is no contest when it is between vampires and werewolves because vampires are the kinkiest and the most erotic creatures not alive.  I cannot begin to extol all the properties, or tendencies they possess, or the multiple qualities yet to be extolled on these creatures for our dreams, or for our nightmares, but definitely in our books.

The Black Dandy by Dorothy Muir

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs

January 16, 2013


     This is a sweet romantic tale that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It starts out rather solemnly and then turns into a guess as to whether the romance will blossom. 

     James Nathaniel Blackstone, Baron Stoneridge is the hero pirate in this romantic tale on the high seas.  Victoria Kidd Barrett the daughter of The Kidd, or William Kidd, a famous pirate and the niece of William Barrett.

      Nathaniel ran away from a brutal father and family to take tutelage under William Kidd the pirate. He grows up on the high seas and has a love for the famous pirate.  He watches as he is killed and wonders if Kidd’s daughter is all right?

      Victoria is raised by her uncle to be a lady.  Her cousin is her constant and loyal companion.  She is raised as a lady with a life of privilege.  She knows her roots but she has tried to forget all the pain of that life. 

     Nathaniel Blackstone or the Black Dandy as the pirates know him is trying to come to terms with a deal he is negotiating. Victoria arrives at the inn where this is taking place.  She sees something that makes her feint and her uncle and Nathaniel take care of her.

Nathaniel sees her father’s mark on her and he had promised to take care of the girl years ago.  He vows to honor his obligation.  He follows her to her uncle’s plantation.

      Their romance blossoms and there are so many obstacles to their hopes it is quite daunting.

     It is a very interesting tale with full characters even down to the cousin, Juliana Barrett, who is a sweet and caring person.  The other captains have different personalities and even the very bad Mr. Pew.  It felt like I knew these people before I was through with the book.  I  loved the twists and turns of the plot and felt it kept my interest and satisfied my questions.  I liked this book very much. 

     All in all I found it a very nice escape read and I enjoyed it.  I give Dorothy Muir a five out of five stars.  I suggest others who love tales of pirates that this is your cup of tea.



By Ashley Madau

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs

     This book is basically introspection into the mind and feelings of a new made vampire. It covers over eighty years of her musings and interactions but you are in her head.  It is abstract and detailed with poetic descriptive distractions amid some unformed interactions between her and other vampires.  There is a great deal of sexual tension with no real concrete details of sexual satisfactions.  There are two men that vie for her affections.  The vampire that made her is Liam and his character stands out the most to me in the book.  He has a history that speaks volumes to his unfulfilled passions.  He is however, I think, her lover.  It is really hard to decide because there is Julian and he and her seem to share a great deal including some bizarre traits for vampires,

     I enjoyed the dimensions of the characterizations but would have liked more depth, I understand that this was about her but who is she?  Her name is hidden and it seems this was the author’s intention but very irritating to me.  I kept trying to identify her and that was impossible.  She was a ghost, a wraith, an ephemeral projection of emotion, temper, and dead feelings. Did she really care about anything?  Did she want to live or die?

     It was a metaphysical experience but not what I like to read.  I like to feel a part of the protagonist but I don’t like to remain in her head and a confused head at that.

I did not understand the tension or fights between her and Liam, Julian, Rachael, Gabriela, and “E” or Eden.  Why did she have to die?  How would she be the end of the vampire race?  Was it because she could turn into a human and back into a vampire?  I thought it was stated at the first that this happened from time to time and was nothing unusual.  Julian had human characteristics too.

     In conclusion, I give Ashley Madau three stars.  I think she has a great talent. She has unique and original ideas and a great poetic license that will take her far.  It was a very strange and interesting read but it left me with no ending.  I was just gasping that there was no more to the book.  It left me frustrated and clinging to a cliff. I would like to see more direct conversation and direct meaning.  It’s all well to project her mental states but give me something concrete that I can get me teeth into.

Thank your for the opportunity to review a new genius at work.  I think she will go far and I look forward to her sequel.


Linda Hays-Gibbs

Author, Eternal Press

Reviewer TRR and Romance Reviews


Date: 11/29/12 Review By Linda Hays-Gibbs of

Falcon’s Angel

By Danita Minnis

Published 2012

ISBN 978-1-59578-942-6


     In a world that is forever in flux between the past and present a great love story abides between Falcon and Sasha or Angelina, his Angel. She goes by several names as he does. They are in Yorkshire, England and Italy most of the time but there is a lot of travel between times and places. Although their names change between time periods from the 1780’s till the present, it is not difficult to find them. They are always together.

     Falcon is an aristocrat that has turned into an assassin to accomplish his quest to annihilate an extreme evil.  This evil is il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, he remembers from his dreams.  He has been on the trail of a stolen Stradivarius for ten years. His boss is certain that a certain young lady that plays this instrument is the thief.  Falcon is not so sure and decides he has to get up close and personal to find out why this beautiful young lady would be a thief.

     Angel was born in the aristocracy too but prefers her violin music to anything until Falcon enters into her life.  Her dreams torment her of a terrifying fire where she is consumed to claustrophobic dreams of being literally enclosed.   Her fears seem about to envelope her into insanity until Falcon. He seems so familiar to her and they can’t seem to leave each other alone.  Her only passion was her violin music but now it has a different flavor when he plays piano with her violin. The passion between them turns into a raging inferno and consumes them until they find themselves in a lot of trouble from outside sources. 

      The main antagonist is a cult that worships a dragon. The story weaves them through a labyrinth with a dragon on their trail ready to eat them with his fiery head.  Other dangers await with the cult members trying to murder them. 

  Without warning you are on beautiful estates that have withstood the sands of time. The beautiful descriptions of these estates keep you intrigued.   Their memories and trials take them on a cross-country hunt for these people evil people.

    Next we are back into danger again. The dragon’s blood gives the cult extraordinary powers. They can disappear and appear as shadows on the walls. Falcon and Angel battle these powers of evil over several centuries.  Their determination and love keeps the story going, so from cover to cover you can’t wait to find out what happens next.  It has a passion and mystery that ignites your blood.

     I was moved by the personalities of the characters from the heroine finding her own strength and power to the hero that only grows more powerful in his time.  The characters are myriad and complex in their intensities. The poetic descriptions were beautiful and moved the story along gracefully.  The music in the story only strengthened the characters personalities and added color and depth. They form a basic tale of love conquering time and place.  I was very moved by the lover’s story.

     I love the Paranormal and Regency England so I was in heaven with this beautiful tale.  I hope to find more of this author’s books on the shelves soon. I give this book a rating of five stars out of five. It was an enjoyable read. Linda Hays-Gibbs, Reviewer

A Baron in Her Bed by Maggi Andersen

Review By Linda Hays-Gibbs


     The characters are full bodied and the plot is very interesting.  I enjoyed this so much.  The girl, Horatia Cavendish is a tomboy that believes she will never marry. She loves to ride her father’s stallion, The General when she knows she shouldn’t and in men’s clothing.  Her father the Colonel Cavendish has about given up on making a lady out of her.  On one of her outings she finds an injured man and takes him to an old abandoned building masquerading as a boy. It was lucky for the Baron for he was attacked on his way to his ancestral estates.  He would have died there in the snow.

     Guy Truesdale has been raised on the continent in France.  His father, the old Baron fled England after a duel over a woman where he killed a man.  He married in France and produces a son.  His one dream is for his son to go back to England and reclaim his land and titles.  He sends money to the estate manager and relative to keep the estate in order.  Over the years the estate has gone to ruin.

  Guy is befriended by John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, a very handy man to have on your side as he rescues Guy more than once from attackers.  It is a mystery why Guy is being attacked on all sides from London to the estate in the country.  He thinks it is his cousin, the only other person who could inherit the property but he is also Horatia’s godfather and she swears he is a good man.

     They run into one problem after another and a nice mystery unfolds along with a great romance.  It takes you back and forth between the characters.  You cannot figure out who the bad guy is until the end.  I loved this story.  It was an exciting read and being Regency was right up my alley.

     I give this mysterious Regency romance a five out of five stars.  I urge anyone with interest in this type of story to read it.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself.

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A PUSSY, A PIRATE AND POACHERS is an endearing tale.

Milla is a pirate and a poacher. She is losing her ship to a storm when the story opens. Milla is trying to release a panther from its cage while the storm rages and suffers several terrible swipes by the beast but she doesn't give up. She finally releases the cat and they fall into the sea. She is about to drown when the cat rescues her. They swim to an island, where they were then captured by the pirates on the island.

Alex is the panther and he is a shifter. He is a man one moment and a panther the next. He finds that he is totally in love with the woman. She has captured him and he finds he is her soul mate. He goes with her into captivity with the pirates and shifts in the middle of the night into a man. He finds he cannot keep his hands off her and they make love and demolish the bed.

The pirates discover that the man is a shifter. They decide the panther is worth a lot of money and try to capture him. He is baited to come back by using Milla. Will Alex go back for Milla? Will they escape their attackers?

I loved the shifter part and the great love scenes between the two. It is rather erotic and tantalizing. The humor was fantastic, too. I really enjoyed this story and wish it would have been longer. It was way too short. I give her five stars out of five. It was an enjoyable read and I would love to read more of her work. Great job, Ms Kassanna. 
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Review if One Knight's Bargain
by Linda Hays-Gibbs
One Knight's Bargain
By Alexandra O'Hurley
    It is near Paris in 1285
and it is a hard life.  Sybille is at her father's castle tending to it and her three young brothers. Her parents left for Paris with her four other brothers weeks ago and have not returned. There is only two old knights left for protection and she have no money for food.
     Eustache is a black knight with a fearsome reputation, a veritable mountain of a man. He thunders to the castle on his charger with his knights and shows the two poor old retainers his papers. Then he promptly kills them.
     Sybil's hides her brothers and tries to flee but is caught. She had on chain mail while she was teaching her brothers to fight. He thinks she is a man and threatens her life. 
     She admits that she is the woman he seeks for his papers says he owns her father's castle and her.
He has come to marry her. She will not let him claim her until they are wed and demands he show her respect.
     This is a sweet fantasy of that time. It sucks you in from the first. I enjoyed the tale and wish there was more. I read it very quickly and wanted it longer.
I hope to read more from this author and soon.
     I give her five stars out five for a very fine read.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

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BORN OF PROUD BLOOD was a rather long and drawn out story but interesting.

Riley Flanders is an orphan taken in by Lady Lucinda after her friend died leaving the child alone in the world. She raised her as a lady and on the estate that Gabriel Eagle is lord of. Gabriel is a Native American from America and found to be the heir to a fortune. He is interested in Riley, but he is determined to return to America and help his people. He knows they are in grave danger from the white Indian agents. He vows with his new wealth to alter their circumstances. The question is: Would Riley go with him to America?

I enjoyed the tale but was confused about certain aspects. I am not positive but I believe that Native Americans at the time of the story could not own property in America. I don't know about England but they were not permitted to vote, testify in court or own property in America. They were required by law to stay on reservations. Their children were taken away and sent to boarding schools so it was a very nasty time for American Indians. I loved the story and hope above all of it that this could have happened and as it is a fantasy, maybe it could. I think Mrs. DeCaprio is a very good storyteller and I did enjoy the story. I give her four stars out of five. I would love to read more of her stories.
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Angel Bait Review
 by Linda Hays-Gibbs
Angel Bait by 
Tricia Skinner
     Ionie Gifford is a reporter for a newspaper. She is smart cunning and a biracial beauty. She is covering a string of murders for a story in her newspaper. Her world consists of humans and others. The others are vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, angels and etc. She thought she knew all about her world in this futuristic Detroit and only wanted the next big story. 
     When she meets Jarrid she is not prepared. Jarrid is a Nephilim, a half angel. He takes her breath away.
     Her best friend and boss JP is a werewolf with five Great Danes and her boss. JP tells her about the half angel wanting to help with the story she is covering. The story is nothing compared to Jarrid. He is a giant of a beautiful man just perfect.  He knocks her socks off. She craves him like a starving man does a steak but he seems afraid of her.  
       Jarrid belongs to The Order and is a virgin. 
     The Order  consists of four Nephilim and one full angel with burned wings. The are heaven's assassins. They have no time for love but this little reporter is so feisty and brave they all care for her. However;  Jarrid is in love.
He tries to deny it but it is too strong even for a giant Nephilim.  The problem is Jarrid must use her as bait to lure the fallen angel or renegade out of hiding. He is their way back into heaven. He must die but being a full angel and evil he is very powerful. Jarrid vows to protect his bait never thinking he would fall in love with it, with Ionie.
   This is a very different kind of story. I enjoyed the personality of Ionie. She is a hard nosed reporter with a heart of gold.  She tries to be brave and strong and stands her ground. She has the hots for Jarrid right off. He does have feelings for her but he has no clue what to do with them. Ionie has to seduce an angel and it was an interesting scenario.
     I was hooked from the start. I loved the plot and the way the book moved. I was pleasantly surprised by several points and turns to this fascinating tale. Jarrid captured my heart and I found myself rooting for Ionie. Their characters were full of personality and flavor. The rest of the Angel Squod: Cain, Tanis, Nesty and Kas all became your friends. The nasty vampire Saul was an evil opponent as well as Beleth the renegade. It was a powerful story. I had not a clue to the ending and I won't spoil it now. Great job Tricia.
I give her Five Stars out of Five. I really enjoyed it.

Feb.21, 2013
by Linda Hays-Gibbs of
Angel Heart
By Marie Laval
     Marie-Ange was a poor widow of Christopher Norton for six lonely years. She is desperate for money as her estate is falling down around her and her young brother in law, Robert's head. She is given notice that a relative if hers has died in France and all she has to do to claim this much needed money is travel to France and sign some papers. She feels she has no choice but to go.
     Hugo Saintclair is a self made French Captain of the ship that takes Marie-Ange to France. There is an immediate attraction between  her and Saintclair. She has vowed to grieve for her husband until she dies until she looks into the blue eyes of the Captain. 
     Then she discovers that her husband might not be dead, after all.  This is just the start of a very exciting and mysterious adventure. You learn to love and grieve for these two star crossed lovers. They have a very hard time just staying alive much less loving each other.
   I was captivated by the determination and courage of Marie-Ange but frustrated with her trust and innocence. She was a fast and furious heroine though, despite her many problems. 
     Hugo rescued her so many times I lost count and although he was brave and heroic as well as handsome, he was stubborn and always had a point to make. 
He seemed to have an inferiority complex that inspired him on to do great things and become the heroic figure he was.  I must say that I fell in love with him too. 
     In this inspiring love story set in Regency England and France there was great turmoil in the world and the author added legends and supernatural occurrences too. It was very unusual and interesting. 
     The characters and the plot were very well thought out and fully fleshed. 
You even felt sorry for the evil Maleval. Even his name told you this was not a nice man but he had his obsessions too. 
     I really enjoyed this exciting mysterious paranormal regency romance. I look forward to more stories from this author. I give her five stars out of five for an excellent read.
Feb. 18, 2013
Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs for
Scandal at Half Moon Street by
Vivian Roycroft
    Ernst Anton Oldenburg, His Grace, the Duke of Cumberland seems a most accomplished rake but all is not what it seems. He is quite delicious and full bodied and fleshed. His character is all together enchanting and terrifying.
He has the power to accomplish about anything he wishes. His wishes are the challenge.
     The Honorable Anne Elizabeth Henrietta Kirkhoven, youngest daughter of Baron Wotton of Boughton Malherbe, Kent is this rake's next victim. She is totally innocent except for her heart wrenching  love for a writer/barrister named, Frederick Shaw. Her mother vows she will not wed him but looks higher.
     The Duke of Cumberland pursues Anne. Her mother realizing the rise to glory his person could be for her daughter and family encourages the suit.
   Suddenly,  she sees that in His Graces' smile all is not as it seems and tries to disengage from the fiasco. However; the folly is seen and tongues start to wag. Mrs. Wotton is too late to stop the progress the Duke sets in motion
     The descriptive phrases are delightful. I found myself amid an enchanting world of 1812 England. The plot was a mystery until the end and was very exciting. How all this could be accomplished by one man was mystifying. I found the characters had pride, honor and a deep sense of purpose.   
     I throughly enjoyed this story. It weaves an enchanting tale of love and romance.
     I would recommend this story to anyone that loves this time period and enjoys an escape into that world of long ago England.  I give this tale five stars out of five, an excellent piece of work. Thank you so much for the privilege of reading it.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Eternal Press Author
Reviewer for TRR

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs of
Redeeming the Deception of Grace by
Kristin Vayden
     Grace Hashiver and Ewan, the Duke of Greys have spared with each other since they were children.    
   Their relationship is very complex and clever and their characters are intriguing. I felt for Grace and her insecurities.  She is combating Ewan and his clever replies and teasing all through the story.
They have a run of conflict and attraction.
     Now she is a gown lady and he is a known rake but her heart flutters every time he comes near. She is in love with him but must never let him know, as he would use it to compromise her with his rakish ways, at least she believes this. 
     Her mother likes the young Duke and would love to see a match between them, but Grace is sure he would never care for her.
   They are always sparring when they meet but are polite. Grace spies a man she is attracted to at a ball and it seems the man is taken with her too. Shipley is an Earl but Ewan does not think he is suitable for Grace. In fact, he is sure that Shipley is a worse rake than he and out to ruin Grace.
     Suddenly, he feels very jealous of this union and speaks to Graces' mom about letting him chaperone. He becomes quite green with jealousy.
    This is a delightful story of romance and love with sweet characters and some humor. It lets you escape the cynical lives of the bored tun and find two people that are meant to be together.
     I enjoyed this delightful story and hope to see more from this author in future. I enjoyed the characters and the conflict.
I would have loved to have it a little longer as these characters are most endearing. Maybe there could be a sequel. 
     I gave her four and one half stars out of five only because I wanted more.
Surely next story will be longer. Good luck with your writing.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Eternal Press Author
The Romance Reviews, Reviewer
Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs
Autumn Leaves
By Barbara Winkes
With Eternal Press
     This is an alternative lifestyle romance between two people who overcome huge obstacles for their happily ever after.
     I found the characters full fleshed and complete with their own fears and in depth analysis of their directions. The problems that face Rebecca Lowman
seem insurmountable, at least the ones of which, she is aware. With two children and her husband, David she thinks she is satisfied at least settled for the rest of her life. She doesn't even realize that she has settled for what was expected of her. 
     She doesn't argue or defend herself or her choices because one seems as good as another until a young writer moves in across the street from her.
     It was like a bolt out of the blue when Rebecca meets Callie. They try to deny it, hide it, and run from it, but their love will not let them.  
     Finally, they must confront it, along with their fears  for Rebecca's family and the humiliation and censure from the Autumn Leaves' community around them and even her own church friends.
     A crisis involving Callie makes Rebecca realize that her life has drastically changed and she must face the consequences of her actions and make a commitment. 
     The only thing that is not given up by Rebecca is Callie, as all else seems lost. Tragedy strikes but they hold on to each other and weather the storm.
     The happily ever after was extremely satisfying. I loved the plot, the conflict and the growing experience that both women had for very different reasons. A very tastefully done portrayal of this story. I give her five  stars out of five for an engaging love story between two women from very different worlds.

"Killing the Desire"
By Leanna Harrow
ISBN 978-1-61572-8626
Heat Rating 4
Genre Erotica/Sub Genre
     This mystery starts off with a murder. Rose Harlow's mother Rebecca is brutally murdered and her oldest daughter is left to deal with it and her three siblings.  
     Her bitterness against her father and all men make it very hard for her to admit to any feelings other than rage. She is a beautiful hard nosed woman determined to become a lawyer and later a judge to prosecute the bad guys. This character is full fleshed and very human. You find yourself rooting for her all the way. She's a scraper and a survivor.
     Dave Mason is the mouth watering man that walks into Rose's life as the detective sent to find her mother's murderer. His fascinating green gorgeous eyes and hard body is just too temptable  for Rose and she propositions him right off the bat. He complies and they are launched into a torrid love affair. He is all any woman could ask far but then a hint of suspicion hatches and Rose is off on a tangent.
      I won't give away any more of this engrossing tale.  Read it. You'll love it.
     This story is captivating with great characters and a heated and hot heroine.
It may make you want to turn the air conditioner on, even in winter but its a moving tale of discovery too. I loved it. I give The author five stars out of five  and await the next story with  great anticipation. 
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Author: Eternal Press/  Damnation Books and 
Reviewer TRR

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs
 of A Hint of Frost
By Hailey Edwards
Paranormal Romance
478 pages
In a different kind of world where there are fanged people with venom and people have spinnerets to weave from their fingertips, you are intrigued from the start. As I love paranormal love stories, I loved this one. The author gave an escape with fleshed characters you learned to love or hate and a sweet tale of soul mates. I appreciated the vivid pictures of an alien world based on things I had not dreamed. I love something different and compelling. I had trouble with the long names for I do not believe I could pronounce them if I tried, but that let you know this was not Kansas either.
I really liked this tale of betrayal and love too. Thank you for a great read Hailey. I look forward to more.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
The Romance Reviews/reviewer and
Eternal Press author

Highland Wishes Wishing for a Highlander
By Jessi Gage
Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs
Jan. 22, 2013
      Melanie is pregnant and her boyfriend has deserted her and the baby and married another. Melanie is working for a museum and sorting out artifacts. As she touches a rosewood box and tries to open it, she is mentally wishing for a highlander. Suddenly, she is transported back to 1615 and in the middle of a battle. Before she realizes what is happening a man attacks her and tries to rape her. She defends herself and stabs the man. Even though the man is wounded he continues to try to molest her.
      Another man defends her from the man she has almost killed and takes her to a safe place away from the fighting. He is the man of her dreams and his name is Darcy Keith. He is destined to be a Laird of the Keith clan until her appearance.
      When she is accused of witchcraft, he flees with her to save her life. He has fallen for the beautiful woman and has given up his title and lands for her safety. The box that made her trip into the past possible was discovered by a wicked woman that was rejected by Darcy. She tells Steaven, Darcy's uncle and Laird about the box in hopes of destroying Melanie. That was why they had to flee because of her betrayal. She does evil to many people in this book for her own gain. I love what happens to her.
     Darcy and Melanie flee to The Murry and ask for protection. The Murry's wife, Constance was also accused of witchcraft. Melanie and Constance are immediate friends and Melanie learns she is not the only one transported from the future.
  Amidst all this is the lovely love story between Melanie and Darcy. It was an enchanting story. I throughly enjoyed it. The characters are full bodied and exciting. Melanie grows as a character. Her adaptation to her dire circumstances is believable. Melanie's constant goodness despite her state of pregnancy is so heroic. Finally her total ineptness in a foreign dangerous world is inspiring.
     She is a spunky girl. Darcy's problems are both endearing and believable. I laughed at times about his deception by the evil girl and his obvious torment in his lust for Melanie. It was so sweet, a very male thing that showed his human side. He was so believable in his world of unkind barbarians as a sweet lovable hero that defends her with his life. I loved him too.
        I give her five stars out of five and look forward to more fantasy tales from this enchanting author.

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