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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013


Highland Wishes Wishing for a Highlander
By Jessi Gage
Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs
Jan. 22, 2013
      Melanie is pregnant and her boyfriend has deserted her and the baby and married another. Melanie is working for a museum and sorting out artifacts. As she touches a rosewood box and tries to open it, she is mentally wishing for a highlander. Suddenly, she is transported back to 1615 and in the middle of a battle. Before she realizes what is happening a man attacks her and tries to rape her. She defends herself and stabs the man. Even though the man is wounded he continues to try to molest her.
      Another man defends her from the man she has almost killed and takes her to a safe place away from the fighting. He is the man of her dreams and his name is Darcy Keith. He is destined to be a Laird of the Keith clan until her appearance.
      When she is accused of witchcraft, he flees with her to save her life. He has fallen for the beautiful woman and has given up his title and lands for her safety. The box that made her trip into the past possible was discovered by a wicked woman that was rejected by Darcy. She tells Steaven, Darcy's uncle and Laird about the box in hopes of destroying Melanie. That was why they had to flee because of her betrayal. She does evil to many people in this book for her own gain. I love what happens to her.
     Darcy and Melanie flee to The Murry and ask for protection. The Murry's wife, Constance was also accused of witchcraft. Melanie and Constance are immediate friends and Melanie learns she is not the only one transported from the future.
  Amidst all this is the lovely love story between Melanie and Darcy. It was an enchanting story. I throughly enjoyed it. The characters are full bodied and exciting. Melanie grows as a character. Her adaptation to her dire circumstances is believable. Melanie's constant goodness despite her state of pregnancy is so heroic. Finally her total ineptness in a foreign dangerous world is inspiring.
     She is a spunky girl. Darcy's problems are both endearing and believable. I laughed at times about his deception by the evil girl and his obvious torment in his lust for Melanie. It was so sweet, a very male thing that showed his human side. He was so believable in his world of unkind barbarians as a sweet lovable hero that defends her with his life. I loved him too.
        I give her five stars out of five and look forward to more fantasy tales from this enchanting author.

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