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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Black Dandy by Dorothy Muir

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs

January 16, 2013


     This is a sweet romantic tale that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It starts out rather solemnly and then turns into a guess as to whether the romance will blossom. 

     James Nathaniel Blackstone, Baron Stoneridge is the hero pirate in this romantic tale on the high seas.  Victoria Kidd Barrett the daughter of The Kidd, or William Kidd, a famous pirate and the niece of William Barrett.

      Nathaniel ran away from a brutal father and family to take tutelage under William Kidd the pirate. He grows up on the high seas and has a love for the famous pirate.  He watches as he is killed and wonders if Kidd’s daughter is all right?

      Victoria is raised by her uncle to be a lady.  Her cousin is her constant and loyal companion.  She is raised as a lady with a life of privilege.  She knows her roots but she has tried to forget all the pain of that life. 

     Nathaniel Blackstone or the Black Dandy as the pirates know him is trying to come to terms with a deal he is negotiating. Victoria arrives at the inn where this is taking place.  She sees something that makes her feint and her uncle and Nathaniel take care of her.

Nathaniel sees her father’s mark on her and he had promised to take care of the girl years ago.  He vows to honor his obligation.  He follows her to her uncle’s plantation.

      Their romance blossoms and there are so many obstacles to their hopes it is quite daunting.

     It is a very interesting tale with full characters even down to the cousin, Juliana Barrett, who is a sweet and caring person.  The other captains have different personalities and even the very bad Mr. Pew.  It felt like I knew these people before I was through with the book.  I  loved the twists and turns of the plot and felt it kept my interest and satisfied my questions.  I liked this book very much. 

     All in all I found it a very nice escape read and I enjoyed it.  I give Dorothy Muir a five out of five stars.  I suggest others who love tales of pirates that this is your cup of tea.


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