My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

 This is a story I wrote about vampires versus werewolves in our stories, will this do for your storyline or do I need to do something else?  It was on a blog of my friends a few weeks back.

Vampires vs Werewolves

As Romance Writers

By Linda Hays-Gibbs


     Vampires are something we think of as sexual creatures.  Who doesn’t like their neck sucked on, just a little bit.  It seems that is much more erotic and enticing than having to wade through all that hair that can be on a dog, or a werewolf. Oh, I am not knocking a werewolf all that much just wondering how you can get excited about someone that can eat you whole, literally. 

      Vampires suck a little blood, maybe a little too much sometimes but if you are a beautiful lady you have the chance of becoming his all time favorite for all time. Of course, you could get a little sick of him after the first three or four hundred years.  I know I think a little variety is essential, but if he were devastatingly handsome, maybe the attachment would last longer. 

     You have the problem of him being cold though, as opposed to a nice warm hairy wolf to keep your bed warm, but think girls when you have to look at him.

Is he changing to his hairy form or is he a handsome toothy sort?  Even wolves have some toothy problems with which to contend.  There are few loves that don’t have problems but my vote is for the tall toothy guy with the cold hands.

    I get a little giggly just thinking about cold hands and long teeth.  You really have to be there, I guess.  Most girls want someone to stay in their beds to keep them warm but few get them to stay at all.   Werewolves hunt all night long.

A vampire has his hunt over with in a matter of minutes and comes right back to his ladylove, at least from what I’ve been told.    I could not possible be more inclined to a vampire.

     Just think of the stories of vampires as opposed to werewolves.  Vampires always have a love, some woman they want or maybe even two or three but he is a very sexual fellow.  Now, think about werewolves, they are supposed to mate for life as wolves but are any of the stories about his ladylove?  No, they are all about him.

     You also get the picture that making love to a vampire is the best sex ever.  Of course, I only have been told but it is supposed to be super duper.  I really think there is no comparison as writers we have to take the road of the vampire.  He is erotic, sexual, mysterious, and charming. He has super strength and he can shape shift, if necessary into bats and smoke etc.  He has a way to hypnotize women with his gaze.  Vampires can do without humans and go to the local blood bank or use animals in the forest.  They have metamorphic creature skills that we can give all kinds of endearing traits or make more horrific tales.  Sometimes, he is a count or we can make him an angel, or an advertising agent as in “Halo of the Damned” by Dina Rae, or a victim of another vampire that inspires our motherly instincts.  Well, maybe not our motherly instincts but we definitely want to smother him with kisses if he will just bite our necks and make passionate love to us.  Isn’t that true?

     In my book, “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls” I have him lost and alone but clinging to his lady.  Pru’s love is the only thing that matters to him all through my story.  He is smitten and can’t help himself.  That is a vampire’s fate.

     In other words, there is no contest when it is between vampires and werewolves because vampires are the kinkiest and the most erotic creatures not alive.  I cannot begin to extol all the properties, or tendencies they possess, or the multiple qualities yet to be extolled on these creatures for our dreams, or for our nightmares, but definitely in our books.

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