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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Review of “Caged in Myth (The Bayou Zoo)
By J. T Fairfield
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This is the story or an orphan boy, Octavian Julius McKellter, or Jay, to his fellow orphans and friends. His life is hard for he works in a zoo cleaning cages and feeding animals but this is no ordinary zoo. This zoo in fact has many secrets. He is a keeper of secrets too. Not only must he keep the animals in the zoo caged but he has kept himself caged for his 17 yrs. Jay is not normal for he has many powers and capabilities that other teenage boys do not possess. He also has a secret that he tries to hide from even himself. Jay has found the object of his desires and this time it is not a girl. He finds it hard to keep the abnormal zoo animals caged and his new disturbing desires. He wants to ignore the significance of the fearsome animals that escape from the hidden zoo and his own coming of age fearsome desires but in the end neither can be. He must acknowledge the escaped zoo occupants from zoo five and his own feelings.
I found this author drawing me into the realm of teenage worries and fears. I felt for Jay and his friends. The character development was sincere and intriguing. I loved the way the author surprised you with the paranormal animals and boys. Jay’s friends each had their own way of handling their fears and their objectivity. It was an endearing and worthwhile jaunt into another world of supernatural teenagers and into the fears of normal teenagers and their emerging sexualities. It was well worth the read and I wanted more. I want to read the next installment.
I am an author for Eternal Press and a reviewer for The Romance Reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this author’s book and eagerly await the next release in this series.
I give “Caged in Myth” five stars. Great work.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
“Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul”
“My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls”

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