My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

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BORN OF PROUD BLOOD was a rather long and drawn out story but interesting.

Riley Flanders is an orphan taken in by Lady Lucinda after her friend died leaving the child alone in the world. She raised her as a lady and on the estate that Gabriel Eagle is lord of. Gabriel is a Native American from America and found to be the heir to a fortune. He is interested in Riley, but he is determined to return to America and help his people. He knows they are in grave danger from the white Indian agents. He vows with his new wealth to alter their circumstances. The question is: Would Riley go with him to America?

I enjoyed the tale but was confused about certain aspects. I am not positive but I believe that Native Americans at the time of the story could not own property in America. I don't know about England but they were not permitted to vote, testify in court or own property in America. They were required by law to stay on reservations. Their children were taken away and sent to boarding schools so it was a very nasty time for American Indians. I loved the story and hope above all of it that this could have happened and as it is a fantasy, maybe it could. I think Mrs. DeCaprio is a very good storyteller and I did enjoy the story. I give her four stars out of five. I would love to read more of her stories.
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