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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Title: The Perfect Duke Author: Dawn Ireland Review Rating: Five Star Reviewed by: Linda Hays-Gibbs Garret Weston the Duke of Kendal was betrothed when he was a child to Lady Caroline Pemberton, the Earl of Pemberton's daughter. She was thought to be dead by drowning but was actually kidnapped when six years old and raised by a country vicar as Cara McClure. She has no idea of her true heritage. He has just learned these details from an investigator he hired. Garret's older brother Edward was supposed to be the Duke after their father's death but Edward died in a boating accident. Garret felt responsible for his brother's death and was urged by his brutally mean grandfather to be the perfect Duke that his brother would have been. If Cara was raised by a vicar, then she can hardly be appropriate for the perfect Duke. Garret has a woman in mind to be his perfect wife, Lady Regina Stanton. His plans were interrupted by the discovery that Lady Caroline is still alive. Since Garret is an honorable man, he will see if Lady Caroline is still acceptable as his Duchess by watching her in his employ. He will hire her as governess to his brother Evan's daughter, Rachael. He feels he has hatched the perfect plan to see if she will be able to function in the Tun and not embarrass the Kendal name. He is haughty and mean just like his grandfather wanted him to be. In fact, he is even looking just like his grandfather's nasty portrait. He is cruel to Cara but she is kind to him. She does not behave as he thinks she should. He has met his match and slowly his heart starts to melt but will she care? This is one story I could not put down. The characters were developing and growing before my eyes. I could not believe the arrogance of the Duke and how innocent and trusting Cara is. There was a host of characters that had their own personalities too. The blunt sister of the Duke, Mallory. The kindhearted vicar. The haughty butler and sentimental cook. I felt like I knew them all intimately before the end of the story. I was amazed by the twists and turns and would read it again. I did not want it to end and I will look for this author again. This was an outstanding read for anyone that loves romance in 1787, London, England. The love story made me cry. There is so much to tell but I would never want to spoil it for the next reader. I give it Five Stars out of Five and a thumbs up. I loved it. Linda Hays-Gibbs
Title: A Beastly Scandal Author: Shereen Vedam Review Rating: Five Stars Review by: Linda Hays-Gibbs This charming tale is exquisitely written. I was completely enchanted by Belle, or Annabelle Lilith Marchant and Lord Terror, Rufus Marlesbury the Earl of Terrence. I cannot forget Earnest the Irish wolfhound either. I was delighted how all the characters interacted. It was a smooth read with everything falling into place,just like it should, but with enough surprises to keep you guessing. Belle is summoned to clear Clearview of a nasty haunting ghost. She almost kills the Earl with get carriage on the road there. she rescues him and he wakes to ask a kiss from an angel. However; he finds out who she is and a ghost chaser. The Earl does not want her to go to Clearview and essentially forbids her entrance but Belle goes because his mother asked her. She is determined to use her gifts to help people. Rufus blocks her from even saying the word ghost to his family. Meanwhile; Belle confronts the ghost on the third floor and it is not happy. Before his return to Clearview, Rufus is called before the crown and told that his father was murdered. He will be hanged for the crime if he doesn't clear his name. He and his cousin Philip try every means to do this but their leads end up dead or disappear. Even with his disapproval of Belle, Rufus is stealing kisses from Belle at every opportunity. His game starts to turn serious but he can't have romance now. Not when his life is hanging by a thread. He needs to concentrate on his defense and all he thinks on is Belle's violet eyes. Everyone seems to fall in love with Belle and why not? She is generous, intelligent, kindhearted and beautiful. I could not put it down. The ghost was exciting and scary at times, but you knew Belle knew what to do. The mother, sister Susie and Aunt were endearing. Their personalities were clear and precise with all growing as the book moved along. It was exactly my cup of tea. I love Regency and the Paranormal. I loved this book. I give it Five Stars out of Five but would give it Six, if possible. Wonderful story, I can't wait until I read more of this author's work. Linda Hays-Gibbs
Title: The Bride and the Brute Author: Laurel O'Donnell Review by: Linda Hays- Gibbs Jayce Cullen marries Lord Reese Harrington and is immediately scorned. She has no idea why he is so angry with her when he asked to marry her. The problem is Lord Reese was forced to marry the beautiful Jayce and he is totally enraged. He wanted to marry for love. He was forced to marry this woman because his sister Nicole was kidnapped and would only be released when he married Jayce. This romantic medieval tale of nights and jousts is really exciting. The problem here is that there were hidden agendas that caused all sorts of problems for these two charming people. I think if they had met under better circumstances they would have not had these problems. It is still a charming tale with star crossed lovers and exciting circumstances. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I give it Five stars out of Five and recommend it to readers. Linda Hays-Gibbs
Title: A Rogue in Sheep's Clothing Author: Elf Ahearn Review Rating: Five Stars Review by: Linda Hays-Gibbs Lady Elle Albright has three sisters, Snap the baby, Peggerty, and Claire but her main concern is only for her horse, Manifesto. Her father, Lord Albright the new Earl of Fairland must sell the stallion to pay a debt to Baron Wadsworth. The Fairland steward, a Mr Lanks is in league with Baron Wadsworth to cheat the Albrights of Fairland. Elle loves horses and rides them astride and trains them. She dresses in boys clothes and takes on the freedom of a man. She has a temper and when her father has to auction off Manifesto Elle decides to steal him back, sell her Mother's pearls and buy the horse back. Lord Hugh Davenport. the Earl of Buxburton is cold to all highborn ladies. When he learns of the auction of Manifesto he decides to buy her and tells Lady Elle at a ball when he meets her. She is determined to not let that happen. She dresses in her cousin's pants and shirt and jumps on the horse on Hugh's final bid. Elle steals Manifesto from Hugh and he races after her. When he catches her the Earl spanks her, thinking her a boy. He believes her to be a wayward boy, who needs discipline. She tells him nobody can ride or train Manifesto but her. He tries to take the horse himself and sees, after a great struggle it is the truth. Still thinking she is a boy, as she claims to be her cousin, Toby Coppersmith, Hugh hires her to train Manifesto and help him get the horse's favor too. She has no intention of helping. Her main concern is getting her dearest horse back into her hands. Hugh sees her bathing in the horses st abelieve his eyes. He is a she and a beautiful woman. He can't get her out of his mind and sees her as a lowly stable hand. He sets out to seduce her. Elle has never had feelings for a man before and Hugh gives her a merry chase. There is more, much more but that is a surprise for readers. Thus is a delightful Regency tale of a love for a beautiful horse, a man and a courageous woman who will not condescend to men's dictates. She goes against all norms for her horse, her home and her family. She is willful, talented and temperamental but on the whole you are routing for her with all your heart. Hugh has a very heartbreaking tale too of being hurt and deceived by all women, sysgeven his mom. This story will have you cheering, crying, and laughing. It is a page turner. I give it Five stars out of Five, as one of my all time favorite regency stories. By Linda Hays-Gibbs

Friday, April 5, 2013

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Angel Heart Review [SUMMARY] [REVIEWS] [COMMENTS] [INTERVIEW] [WRITE_REVIEW] [VIDEO] OFFICIAL REVIEW 2 people found the following review helpful Book Reviewed by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer) [ Review Posted: Apr 02, 2013 ] - See all my reviews In this inspiring love story set in Regency England and France, there was great turmoil in the world and the author added legends and supernatural occurrences too. It was very unusual and interesting. Marie-Ange was a poor widow of Christopher Norton for six lonely years. She is desperate for money as her estate is falling down around her and her young brother in law. She is given notice that a relative of hers has died in France and all she has to do to claim this much needed money is travel to France and sign some papers. She feels she has no choice but to go. Hugo Saintclair is a self-made French Captain of the ship that takes Marie-Ange to France. There is an immediate attraction between her and Saintclair. She has vowed to grieve for her husband until she dies until she looks into the blue eyes of the Captain. Then she discovers that her husband might not be dead, after all. This is just the start of a very exciting and mysterious adventure. You learn to love and grieve for these two star crossed lovers. They have a very hard time just staying alive much less loving each other. I was captivated by the determination and courage of Marie-Ange but frustrated with her trust and innocence. She was a fast and furious heroine though, despite her many problems. Hugo rescued her so many times I lost count and although he was brave and heroic as well as handsome, he was stubborn and always had a point to make. He seemed to have an inferiority complex that inspired him on to do great things and become the heroic figure he was. I must say that I fell in love with him, too. The characters and the plot were very well thought out and fully fleshed. You even felt sorry for the evil Maleval. Even his name told you this was not a nice man but he had his obsessions, too. I really enjoyed this exciting mysterious paranormal regency romance. I look forward to more stories from this author. I give her five stars out of five for an excellent read. Was this review helpful to you?