My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Title: A Beastly Scandal Author: Shereen Vedam Review Rating: Five Stars Review by: Linda Hays-Gibbs This charming tale is exquisitely written. I was completely enchanted by Belle, or Annabelle Lilith Marchant and Lord Terror, Rufus Marlesbury the Earl of Terrence. I cannot forget Earnest the Irish wolfhound either. I was delighted how all the characters interacted. It was a smooth read with everything falling into place,just like it should, but with enough surprises to keep you guessing. Belle is summoned to clear Clearview of a nasty haunting ghost. She almost kills the Earl with get carriage on the road there. she rescues him and he wakes to ask a kiss from an angel. However; he finds out who she is and a ghost chaser. The Earl does not want her to go to Clearview and essentially forbids her entrance but Belle goes because his mother asked her. She is determined to use her gifts to help people. Rufus blocks her from even saying the word ghost to his family. Meanwhile; Belle confronts the ghost on the third floor and it is not happy. Before his return to Clearview, Rufus is called before the crown and told that his father was murdered. He will be hanged for the crime if he doesn't clear his name. He and his cousin Philip try every means to do this but their leads end up dead or disappear. Even with his disapproval of Belle, Rufus is stealing kisses from Belle at every opportunity. His game starts to turn serious but he can't have romance now. Not when his life is hanging by a thread. He needs to concentrate on his defense and all he thinks on is Belle's violet eyes. Everyone seems to fall in love with Belle and why not? She is generous, intelligent, kindhearted and beautiful. I could not put it down. The ghost was exciting and scary at times, but you knew Belle knew what to do. The mother, sister Susie and Aunt were endearing. Their personalities were clear and precise with all growing as the book moved along. It was exactly my cup of tea. I love Regency and the Paranormal. I loved this book. I give it Five Stars out of Five but would give it Six, if possible. Wonderful story, I can't wait until I read more of this author's work. Linda Hays-Gibbs

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