My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Title: A Rogue in Sheep's Clothing Author: Elf Ahearn Review Rating: Five Stars Review by: Linda Hays-Gibbs Lady Elle Albright has three sisters, Snap the baby, Peggerty, and Claire but her main concern is only for her horse, Manifesto. Her father, Lord Albright the new Earl of Fairland must sell the stallion to pay a debt to Baron Wadsworth. The Fairland steward, a Mr Lanks is in league with Baron Wadsworth to cheat the Albrights of Fairland. Elle loves horses and rides them astride and trains them. She dresses in boys clothes and takes on the freedom of a man. She has a temper and when her father has to auction off Manifesto Elle decides to steal him back, sell her Mother's pearls and buy the horse back. Lord Hugh Davenport. the Earl of Buxburton is cold to all highborn ladies. When he learns of the auction of Manifesto he decides to buy her and tells Lady Elle at a ball when he meets her. She is determined to not let that happen. She dresses in her cousin's pants and shirt and jumps on the horse on Hugh's final bid. Elle steals Manifesto from Hugh and he races after her. When he catches her the Earl spanks her, thinking her a boy. He believes her to be a wayward boy, who needs discipline. She tells him nobody can ride or train Manifesto but her. He tries to take the horse himself and sees, after a great struggle it is the truth. Still thinking she is a boy, as she claims to be her cousin, Toby Coppersmith, Hugh hires her to train Manifesto and help him get the horse's favor too. She has no intention of helping. Her main concern is getting her dearest horse back into her hands. Hugh sees her bathing in the horses st abelieve his eyes. He is a she and a beautiful woman. He can't get her out of his mind and sees her as a lowly stable hand. He sets out to seduce her. Elle has never had feelings for a man before and Hugh gives her a merry chase. There is more, much more but that is a surprise for readers. Thus is a delightful Regency tale of a love for a beautiful horse, a man and a courageous woman who will not condescend to men's dictates. She goes against all norms for her horse, her home and her family. She is willful, talented and temperamental but on the whole you are routing for her with all your heart. Hugh has a very heartbreaking tale too of being hurt and deceived by all women, sysgeven his mom. This story will have you cheering, crying, and laughing. It is a page turner. I give it Five stars out of Five, as one of my all time favorite regency stories. By Linda Hays-Gibbs

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