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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Baron in Her Bed by Maggi Andersen

Review By Linda Hays-Gibbs


     The characters are full bodied and the plot is very interesting.  I enjoyed this so much.  The girl, Horatia Cavendish is a tomboy that believes she will never marry. She loves to ride her father’s stallion, The General when she knows she shouldn’t and in men’s clothing.  Her father the Colonel Cavendish has about given up on making a lady out of her.  On one of her outings she finds an injured man and takes him to an old abandoned building masquerading as a boy. It was lucky for the Baron for he was attacked on his way to his ancestral estates.  He would have died there in the snow.

     Guy Truesdale has been raised on the continent in France.  His father, the old Baron fled England after a duel over a woman where he killed a man.  He married in France and produces a son.  His one dream is for his son to go back to England and reclaim his land and titles.  He sends money to the estate manager and relative to keep the estate in order.  Over the years the estate has gone to ruin.

  Guy is befriended by John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, a very handy man to have on your side as he rescues Guy more than once from attackers.  It is a mystery why Guy is being attacked on all sides from London to the estate in the country.  He thinks it is his cousin, the only other person who could inherit the property but he is also Horatia’s godfather and she swears he is a good man.

     They run into one problem after another and a nice mystery unfolds along with a great romance.  It takes you back and forth between the characters.  You cannot figure out who the bad guy is until the end.  I loved this story.  It was an exciting read and being Regency was right up my alley.

     I give this mysterious Regency romance a five out of five stars.  I urge anyone with interest in this type of story to read it.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself.

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