My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, February 25, 2013


By Ashley Madau

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs

     This book is basically introspection into the mind and feelings of a new made vampire. It covers over eighty years of her musings and interactions but you are in her head.  It is abstract and detailed with poetic descriptive distractions amid some unformed interactions between her and other vampires.  There is a great deal of sexual tension with no real concrete details of sexual satisfactions.  There are two men that vie for her affections.  The vampire that made her is Liam and his character stands out the most to me in the book.  He has a history that speaks volumes to his unfulfilled passions.  He is however, I think, her lover.  It is really hard to decide because there is Julian and he and her seem to share a great deal including some bizarre traits for vampires,

     I enjoyed the dimensions of the characterizations but would have liked more depth, I understand that this was about her but who is she?  Her name is hidden and it seems this was the author’s intention but very irritating to me.  I kept trying to identify her and that was impossible.  She was a ghost, a wraith, an ephemeral projection of emotion, temper, and dead feelings. Did she really care about anything?  Did she want to live or die?

     It was a metaphysical experience but not what I like to read.  I like to feel a part of the protagonist but I don’t like to remain in her head and a confused head at that.

I did not understand the tension or fights between her and Liam, Julian, Rachael, Gabriela, and “E” or Eden.  Why did she have to die?  How would she be the end of the vampire race?  Was it because she could turn into a human and back into a vampire?  I thought it was stated at the first that this happened from time to time and was nothing unusual.  Julian had human characteristics too.

     In conclusion, I give Ashley Madau three stars.  I think she has a great talent. She has unique and original ideas and a great poetic license that will take her far.  It was a very strange and interesting read but it left me with no ending.  I was just gasping that there was no more to the book.  It left me frustrated and clinging to a cliff. I would like to see more direct conversation and direct meaning.  It’s all well to project her mental states but give me something concrete that I can get me teeth into.

Thank your for the opportunity to review a new genius at work.  I think she will go far and I look forward to her sequel.


Linda Hays-Gibbs

Author, Eternal Press

Reviewer TRR and Romance Reviews


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