My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Title: Rogue's Pawn Author: Jeffe Kennedy Review Rank: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Couldn't stop reading this! Dr Jenifer McGee is a scientist. She is having naked nightmares with a black dog chasing her. She doesn't believe in love or in her relationship with her present boyfriend Clive. She believes in empirical evidence no dreams or magic. One day logic deserts her. She leaves a party and just keeps on going. She finally stops at Devils Tower and decides to rest a day or two and later take a hike around it. On impulse she does a crazy thing like cutting her hand and hair and then to tie the bloody hair onto a tree. As if by magic, she tumbles into a new world where her name is Gwynn. Here in Fairy world her nightmare black dog lives and the man of her dreams. Rogue is a Fae and she is human. Her life was not very pleasant before with a condescending boyfriend Clive who 's ego does not recognize her for any thing. However; Rogue draws her to him through her world into his. He loves her but she won't admit she cares for him. He entices her with sex and power but shows her obedience and cruelty. She does not understand why. He needs her to be trained so she doesn't destroy his world with her magic because she is very powerful. He chases her through fae wars and adventures but she will have nothing to do with him. She becomes even more powerful and he loses power. It is a struggle between power and love and you will love it. I enjoyed all the characters and the jaunt into another world. It is a world of make believe as seen through this author's eyes. It is a different slice of passion with a very determined handsome rogue and a not to be intimidated heroine that will not cower or be defeated. Find out who wins and enjoy a spin into an alternate reality. I love the world of the fae and you will too. It is dark and enchanting. I gave this book Five Stars. It is an incredible journey. Thank you Jaffe Kennedy. Linda Hays-Gibbs

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