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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Title:  Daring the Highlander
The Legacy of MacLeod
Author: Laurin Wittig
Review Rating:Five+Stars
Reviewer:  Linda Hays-Gibbs
Genre: Romantic Fantasy With a Historical setting
Exciting Romantic Adventure
     This Highland tale has lots of intrigue and suspense. You never know how it is going to end until the last minute.
    I was enthralled by the mystery and romance too. Ailig MacLeod is in a dire situation as the unfavored youngest son of Neill MacLeod the Chief. Ailig is ordered by King Robert, the Bruce to take over the reins of Chiefdom from his father. Since his father seems to despise him anyway, the news his beloved heir is dead and Alig's two other brothers are put into military service at the King's order is a but much for him. He will not concede to Ailig.  Ailig has a clan to protect in spite of his father. If he doesn't take over, the clan will be killed and forfeit all property.
     His father and clan fight him. He even has the MacDonells in house to placate. His sister ran off rather than marry their chief. They feel they are owed a bride. 
   Ailig has two friends a mercenary, Skaeth and Tamas. He has to fight his own clan champion Baltair.
     Morainn is the widow Ailig meets upon his return with his horrible news about his brothers. She is beautiful and there is an immediate attraction. She has sworn to never marry again because she was used so horribly. It was not a happy marriage and she doesn't want that pain again. It is hard for her to fight her attraction to Ailig though. He cares for the clan and her no matter what happens. He is so different from his brothers and from her dead husband.
She finds that she can deny him nothing. He is always only trying to protect the clan.
     There are a lot of twists and turns but the one constant is Ailig. He never falters in trying to protect and care for others.
     It is a spectacular Highland romance filled with suspense and intrigue. The clan chief must be quite a brave and resilient man. He needs strength, brains and diplomacy.
      Laurin gives you a glimpse into this historical period with its austere lifestyle  and makes it ever so enjoyable to read.
      I give it Five Stars with a plus and await more of these ever so exciting tales of Highlander life and love.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

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