My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

 The producer of Noah should be ashamed! Russell Crowe should be ashamed! Do not go see this atheistic film! It has nothing to do with God!
    This movie is an abomination! It will lead people astray that haven't read the Bible and don't know what God said. This man is on dangerous ground for God says in the Bible if one dot is taken from the Bible and used to mislead that God will judge them.  This atheist producer has strayed so far away from the Noah of the Bible that I actually gagged. I was appalled when Noah wanted to kill his newborn grand daughters. 
    I was sickened when demons (fallen angels) built the ark and went back to Heaven? Hello? Demons go to Hell and so will this producer. Russell Crowe did a brilliant job of acting but I'm ashamed I ever liked him as an actor. 
    He perverted God's Word and seemed to enjoy it. I shall never watch him again in anything and I was one of his biggest fans, but no more. We have Cain on the Ark eating the animals alive? Nasty and Wrong like so much of this nasty filthy lying movie of Satan. 
     Never does Noah pray to God or worship God and Noah was a Godly man that was why he was saved! 
     This film is an affront to God to Christianity to Judaism and Islam. This film sins in the sight of God and this Producer is in danger of Hell fire!!

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