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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Title: A Perfect Lady
Author: Kimberly Née
Genre: Adult Historical Romantic Fiction 
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Sweet and Sexual

1791 -Island St. Kitts

     At the Sheraton's Masquerade Ball Lady Rebecca Alexander, Baron Windemere's daughter drank a little too much and ended up in the arms of an accomplished seducer, Captain James McKenzie.
     Now six weeks later Rebecca's father is trying to marry her to a Mr.Taggert, that she can not stand and she informs her father she cannot marry him because she is expecting a child and all hell breaks loose on her head.
   Later, Rebecca finds herself married and on her husband's ship, The  Siren headed toward New Brunswick, New Jersey, in America. Although she's lived in St. Kitts all her life, she is British. Her new life seems terrifying and impossible.
    This super sexy delightful romance is fraught with problems but you find yourself just knowing there will be a solution. I loved every minute and did not want it to end. It was a page turner full of surprises.
Even Rebecca's maid, Agnes Bertrand was full of surprises. 
     Rebecca is shy and retiring, blushes crimson and yet is totally sensual.
Of course, she is a beauty even if she is unaware of the fact and the Captain is a handsome devil that can be very kind despite himself. 
   You fall in love with both of them and worry about their many problems with them. 
     It is a most entertaining Regency romance with pitfalls and solutions. I give this delight Five Stars and wish I had Six to give. I would read it again and I never read books the second time, well, only once with Johanna Lindsey's book, "The Rebel" but I think Kimberly Nee could give her competition.
I loved this book!
Linda Hays-Gibbs

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