My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Title: Memory of an Immortal Heart Author: Kita Bell Review Rating: Four Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Brand Kade is an immortal Kaspian shapeshifter, blood tiger from the Stronghold Gens. He can heal and take away bad memories. An Amati is a love bond for life. In 1315 he took away the horrible memories if his brother Khael's Amati from Khael to keep him from killing himself when she died. The memories of his brother rend Brand's soul, making him yearn for his Amati and fear her too. He suffers and feels guilty for his brother's pain. One night he discovers a naked woman in a snow bank with a blood stained Sakai standing over her and written in her blood the message, "Take her and Run." Brand was tracking Sakai with his cousin, Joshua and and recognizes the blood sucking Sakai are hot on their trail so they grab Eva Turner, a blood tiger too and run. When Brand touches her he knows she is his Amati. He is scared to death of losing her but won't tell her anything. She recovers and becomes his lover but is held back by his secrecy. She doesn't trust him. Brand is a long-suffering powerful male with too much ego and guilt. Eva is a long-suffering female that blames herself for everything, even stuff beyond her control. They clearly love each other but can't seem to understand each other. Brand has several siblings at his stronghold that want to question her about the tortuous female Rohe, who captured her and bled her with knives in an asylum she escaped from with the Sakai. Eva is worried about her sister Rainey and wants to go home but Brand talks her into going to the Stronghold to help with their investigations. He assures her that he will take her home if she helps them. He has no intention of letting her go. She had no intention of staying. I loved the bruised egos of these people. The characters were heartwarming creatures that wormed their way into your good graces. I found myself upset with their stubbornness to not let go of their preconceived ideas. This was a book with a different kind of fantasy. I really enjoyed the writing. There were some words out of place and a few errors but it was a really interesting concept once I familiarized myself enough with this type of tale. It was all a new type of fantasy for me. I gave it Four Stars out of Five for a very interesting read. I realize it is a series and look forward to more of this author 's talented imagination. She needs to reedit a little for a perfect and captivating read. Sincerely, Linda Hays-Gibbs

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