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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, March 25, 2013

03/03/13 Review of Mystical Love By Linda Hays-Gibbs Author: Stephy Smith Genre: historical romance Rating: Four Stars This was a very innocent story of new love. This is a different perspective for me in the world of the Rom or gypsies, however it is also in a bygone era. I was somewhat confused about gypsies being in East Texas in 1870. I know that maybe they could be but I never heard of this before this story. I felt like I was in a very innocent tale but the harsh problems that Aisley faces are really severe. She loses her parents in a gruesome manner and has to face the world with the man she loves, Sam Grey. It could have been a very moving story for teenagers but its not really for adults. Though it moved me, it wasn't smooth. It felt a little stilted and didn't feel like it flowed as smooth as it could. The idea of a different kind of lifestyle was intriguing keeping me reading, but it was so terribly innocent in places. I know the author has talent and unique ideas but it wasn't my kind of tale. I applaud her effort and imagination. I think this could be a very interesting story for young adults. I just found myself uncertain in my concern for these characters. You knew what the ending would be but you wanted more. I would love to read more of her work of a different sort. I applaud her efforts and thank her for the chance to review her work.

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