My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Review of The Scottish Witch authored by Cathy Maxwell Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs This is a story within a story. The beginning in 1632 has a jilted Rose of Macnachtan brooding over her lover who has left her with a baby in her belly after he hand fasted her to marry an English heiress for his family. Charles Chattan has no idea the evil unleashed on him and his family to come. Rose's mother, Fenella is a witch and she curses Charles after her daughter kills herself and jumps into the funeral fire with her daughter. That was not the end for every generation of Chattan's die as soon as they fall in love. Next we are in 1814 and a Portia Maclean, who is taking care of her mother and sister in a poor rundown house with leaks in the roof. Portia goes to empty the buckets of rainwater in the attic and finds a very strange cat and a book if spells with Fenella's name on it. A frantic Colonel Harry Chattan is searching for a way to break the curse and save his older brother who has fallen in love and is dying. He begs everyone for a witch to help him. Portia needs rent money and when she hears he is offering a lot of money she decides to pretend to be a witch. However; when he kneels before her and begs her to take his life so his brother can live she falls in love. Portia hid her identity and thought her secret safe but he finds her out. Portia's sister Minnie is in love with Oliver Tolliver and she assists her sister to have her man. Chattan saw her efforts and realizes his heart falls a little for her, as she is so good and kind. He follows her and becomes enchanted. He tells himself he will never fall in love but he is under her spell. This is an exciting and lovely tales, especially if you like witches and magic with a lot of romance. I loved Portia and her glasses with her determination to help everyone but herself until she finds herself in love. I love Harry and his selflessness for his family and his stubbornness. They make a lovely pair but they still have a curse to contend with and hope to save their family. This was a beautiful Scottish tale of magic and love. I felt like I was there witnessing Fenella in her rage. I could not stop reading it. I give it Five stars out if Five . It was a pleasure to read. Linda Hays-Gibbs The Romance Reviews Author Eternal Press

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