My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
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Monday, March 25, 2013

I wrote a previous review of Halo of the Damned but I wanted to revise it. I didn't do it justice , so here is the revision. Halo Of The Damned by Dina Rae I wrote this review a while back and since it was my first review I think it does not do the book "Halo of the Damned" justice. I truly am weak as a reviewer here so, I want to do an update. I think that "Halo of the Damned" is one of the best Horror books I have ever read. The Evil Empire run by Andel, an angel that fell from grace when they went to war against God, is a very bad fellow. He has the life on earth we only dream of as expensive car and house and everything that money can buy is his but, he never gets to see heaven again and he fears going back to his home. . . Hell! He is enslaved to his thirst for blood and his fear of living again in Hell. He runs his advertising agency and kills people to satisfy his appetite not only for blood but for flesh as well. He devours his own daughter and feels no remorse, he is a psycho animal of the worst kind but he keeps you interested. Johanna returns from prison to live with her sister and her daughter and goes to work for Andel. She is sharp and on her way up the corporate ladder but things start going wrong. She finds that her mother that recently died left her some very strange artifacts. Her sister and Maria her niece help her unravel the mystery of all that her mother has kept hidden from her own daughters to keep them safe. It is woven together with such expertise that it keeps you on the edge of your seat but it does more than that, it systematically reveals things that help the girls to stay alive. I love the character Andel, he is evil to the max and quite the fellow. You feel for him and his quest to have his own empire. Johanna and her sister and the little girl Maria have some extraordinary powers of their own and they have a battle on their hands. I don't want to give any more of the book away but only to say that I love it. It is well written and the characters are full fleshed people that you come to see as alive. Even the little girl Maria has her very own personality and poise. I know that a sequel is in the works and I can hardly wait. Don't read this book if you are alone, or if you are terrified of creatures of the night, and do not read this book if you don't want to terrified of new creatures that roam our day light world as well as the night. It has a totally different view of vampires and the powers of demons or fallen angels.. .and religion of angel worship. It is a very good structured horror book and maybe someday a movie. It would make a great one. I throughly enjoyed this book and I had to give an update as my previous review just did not do it justice, sorry Dina Rae, I hope this is better. My daughter told me that she could write better than me so I had to fix it and save myself. I do hope this is much better. Five Stars out of Five, Excellent Horror

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